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ONTARIO, CA; (05/31/2015) Gil Zendejas:

Ontario has waited for its own stadium since the day it was completed in 1967. Nearly 50 years later, the Jaguars will finally get their own home field. Construction on Jaguars Stadium began last December and will be completed next May. Funded by the generosity of the local community, the 5,000 seat CIF-rated football and soccer fields will be accompanied by team rooms, a brand new track and a superior press box. "It will be great to be able to walk to a home game instead of having to board a bus. Who wants to ride a bus to a home game?" Ontario Principal Eduardo Zaldivar told WeRtheO.com. And he's right. Building a home crowd and creating a 'home' atmosphere is a difficult thing when your home field is actually on a different campus. For the Class of 2016, the stadium's completion is especially welcomed as they will be the first graduating class to graduate on their own campus.

In addition to the new sports complex, Ontario is awaiting the completion of its new aquatic center, which will be complete in August. The old two pools in the pool area have been replaced by a new larger pool and completely reworked pool deck. The pool will be ready for use by the Boys Water Polo Team in the 2015 season.

The stadium and pool are just two of the many projects approved by the voters in the 2012 election. Voters overwhelmingly approved the upgrade and construction of facilities and classroom technology across all of the Chaffey District campuses through the passage of Measure P. Those who haven't visited Ontario High School in the last year or so will be in for some major surprises when they return to the campus. In January, OHS dedicated its new two story, 32 classroom building. At the start of the school year last year, a brand new Quad was put into use. Over this summer, the gym is getting a complete facelift with all-new seating and a new gym floor. Add to this the new stadium, new baseball and softball fields, new aquatic complex and you have a completely new campus. "This is an amazing time. You can see the campus changing from one day to the next," Zaldivar said.

The only negative comments we seem to hear are from those who, although happy for the changes, are a bit jealous that it didn't happen during their time at the "O." Most... can't wait to hit the new fields, or splash into the new pool.



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