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Fuentez Leaves Field on Stretcher

CHINO, CA; (11/2/2013): Ontario Jaguars Anthony Fuentez has been released from the hospital after suffering a hard hit during last night's loss at Don Lugo, (27-35). Fuentez took a hard shot to the head while attempting to keep a Lugo running back out of the end zone. The Jaguars' side-line was silent as Fuentez remained virtually motionless on the 3 yard line for more than 20 minutes.

Fuentez Injury
Jags' LB Anthony Fuentez gives a 'thumbs-up' while being carted away by paramedics

Paramedics and Chino Firefighters responded to the Lugo field and ultimately transported Fuentez to Chino Valley Hospital. Fortunately, he we was released a few hours later. "He was moving his extremities but as a precaution, the trainers wanted him to get checked out," Ontario Offensive Coordinator Bo Hust told

During his treatment on the field, well-wishes were fast and furious from around the District via social media. Fuentez is expected to be on the field next week for the Jaguars final game of the year against long-time rival, Montclair.