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Alvarez named AD


ONTARIO, CA; (05/14/2013): Former football, aquatics and girls basketball coach Ryan Alvarez has been named Athletic Director for Ontario High School for the 2013-2014 school year. Alvarez, who has been teaching in the Chaffey District for eight years, and for the last seven at Ontario is excited about what the future holds. "There's a lot of good things going on here and they're just starting, especially with Measure P going through and with all the improvements we're going to have in our facilities. This is a really good time for Ontario sports."

Ontario High School Principal Cary Willborn told that he is looking for Alvarez 'to bring fresh enthusiasm to Ontario athletics' and that he is confident in Alvarez' work ethic and leadership. For Alvarez, the move is an excellent one. By his own admission, "I love athletics. I think I can definitely help the coaches and support them in a way that will help them grow." In speaking with a just a handful of Ontario's coaches about the possibility of Alvarez as the A.D., all were in agreement that he would be an excellent choice.

Both Alvarez and Willborn recognize there are some tough shoes to fill in former A.D. Rhonda Purwin who will assume the leadership of the Dance program in the Fall. Alvarez said, "She is an amazing A.D. and it's going to be tough to fill her shoes, if you ever can fill those shoes." Likewise, Willborn admits she has been a shining star for Ontario athletics. "She is Ontario High School," he said. "She has exceeded all of my expectations. When she was selected, I looked for her to make improvements and I now believe she is the best A.D. in our District."

Alvarez will take over at a crossroads for Ontario athletics. Measure P provides funding for new athletic facilities which will be built over the 2014-2015 seasons. On tap is a new athletic complex which includes a football and soccer field and a new aquatics complex. In addition, Ontario, which is a member of the Mt. Baldy League will see its league schools changed for the 2014-2015 season. "I honestly think that the re-leaguing for our league makes the Mt. Baldy League much more competitive and more of a challenge for our school. I think that's a good thing." The new league will consist of six schools instead of seven, as in the past four years (Ontario, Chaffey, Colony, Don Lugo, Alta Loma & Montclair).

When asked what he wants people to know about him, Alvarez responded with humility, "I want them to know that I'm an honest person. I'm a man of my word and that I'm an efficient communicator. I want people to able to approach me with their problems or concerns about whatever is happening so we can get out there and handle them before they become actual problems."